Hop into a spaceship and take a journey through our amazing solar system with this interactive app. You will be transported into a world of information about our planet Earth, celestial bodies, the Solar System as a whole, the effects of the moon on the tide and much more.

This app is like an interactive deck of flashcards. Each “card” displays information about the subject being covered. Tap on the friendly robot to reveal a fact, slide and twist the Moon around the Earth to get a better understanding of lunar phases and read the short paragraph to study significant facts about our Solar System. Each planet also has a statistic table, allowing you to view important facts easily. Once you finish exploring the planet or another subject you are on, click the arrow at the bottom of the screen to move on to the next.

There is so much information to be learned about our planets. This app does a great job of keeping the text concise and to the point, which allows children and adults alike to learn and understand concepts without being overwhelmed by too much information at once.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


  • Planets of the Solar System
  • Relationship of the Earth, Moon, and Sun
  • Solar and lunar eclipses
  • Celestial Bodies
Download All About the Solar System

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