With this app, you can virtually fly around the world and learn all you’d want to know about countries and cities near and far. Providing beautiful illustrations and thought-provoking tidbits, this app is sure to quench your desire for knowledge about our great big world.

There are many ways to learn and explore this app. The one I found to be most entertaining was to spin the globe with my fingers so I could examine the entire thing before settling on an area I wanted to learn about. Once I found an intriguing spot, I could tap on the given images to learn more. The images range from landmarks to animals, city capitals to unique services provided and so much more. I learned many fun facts about different cities that I would not have otherwise known. Some of these included famous people from the area, state flowers birds and trees, land area and population. There is also information on famous art, well-known sports, and transportation as it relates to the chosen region.

There is a ton of information that can be learned in the initial download. However, the in-app purchases for expanded regions and quizzes are well worth it. The quizzes cover identification of countries by their shapes or flags as well as matching different types of people and animals to their native land.

The app invites exploration and curiosity with its attention to detail and relevant content. It is jam-packed with interesting and useful data without being too wordy or overwhelming. I highly recommend giving this app a try!

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


  • Spin, zoom and fly around the globe!
  • Read and listen to geographer and BBC TV presenter Nick Crane
  • Learn fascinating facts about every country
  • Watch hundreds of mini-videos
  • Enjoy beautiful animated illustrations by artist David Dean
  • Follow an ever-changing soundscape
  • Expand your world with extra packs, including World Art & International Football
  • Browse through hundreds of breathtaking photographs
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