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Brilliant is home to a community of 7 million eager-to-learn problem solvers. This app encompasses so much information that will, without a doubt, help you master your critical thinking skills as well as strengthen and sharpen your knowledge of math and science matter. The problems are presented in a “bite-sized” fashion, allowing it to be challenging without being overwhelming.

There are many different courses in this app that all require some level of skill, intuition, creativity, and patience. The courses cover many areas of math as well as science, and you can move through the multiple layers of each one as you complete the sections. I really like that the problems presented call for an interactive exploration of the concepts at hand, and not just a simple math equation to solve. These questions will get you thinking hard and outside the box for possible solutions.

Aside from its included courses, Brilliant also curates free weekly problems that you can use as an extra challenge. The app is free to try but requires either a monthly subscription at $24.99 or an annual subscription at $119.99.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Also available on Android and PC. *I have only tested this app on an iPhone.


  • Questions and problems that will provoke your natural curiosity.
  • Encourages active problem-solving to help build quantitative intuition.
  • Free weekly challenges.


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