Codeacademy Go is an app that allows you to review coding concepts and practice what you know while on the go. The idea behind this app is unique, as it is supplemental to the main program, which is done from a PC. So, learning the actual coding concepts isn’t done in the app itself; it is a tool to stay fresh with your coding skills.

The app offers a catalog of several different practicing points. These points vary from different computer languages ( HTML, javascript, etc.), data analyzing, web development, and more. The information is broken down in a cliff-notes type fashion comparable to flashcard studying. The data can be reviewed in short, broken down pieces. Then you can quiz your knowledge in the “practice” section, which will ask you questions based on what you reviewed.

Codeacademy Go is not an app for those looking to learn how to code. However, it is an excellent tool for anyone who is familiar with coding and wants to stay fresh with the concepts. It is also perfect for anyone looking to supplement their online coding program (via Codeacademy GO online). This app gives coders the ability to remain sharp with their skills at any given time (provided they have access to a compatible device).

A significant portion of data in the app is accessible for free. However, a subscription is required to access it all, as well as to use the program from a PC.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, and PC. (Only tested on an iPhone.)


  • Discover a new way to practice coding syntax.
  • Remember more with daily flashcards that you can quickly skim.
  • Review whenever, wherever. Leave the desktop.
  • Learn how to apply your skills in your day-to-day with advice from industry leaders.
  • Maintain streaks and track your progress.
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