With over 300 million people using Duolingo, it is clear as ever that it unlocks the secret to learning new languages in a manner that is efficient and fun. The free app offers an effective method of introducing languages in a way that is fun and productive.

The app offers reading, writing, speaking, and listening lessons that begin at whatever level suits the user. Upon creating your user profile, you will select your learning goals and will be prescribed a learning path. The lessons are delivered in manageable, bite-sized chunks. Each lesson has information that is reiterated in several different fashions to ensure understanding is obtained before moving on to the harder levels. You will be asked to recognize words, translate them, speak them, match them, and more.

When I decided to give this app a try, I chose a language I had zero familiarity with- Italian. I was impressed that within the first couple days of ten-minute lessons, I was able to recognize Italian phrases and words easily. Duolingo creates a game-like feel by incorporating a leaderboard for those who want to nurture their competitive side. It also allows you to collect gems and move through levels as you complete your lessons. Whether you are a novice in foreign languages or a multilingual pro, this app has you covered!

Available for download through iTunes and Google Play. Also available via the Duolingo website. (Only tested on PC and iPhone.)


  • Learning and progress tracking
  • Skills are taught, learned and developed
  • 30 languages to choose from
  • Earn rewards
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