The creators of this app had such a fun and unique idea! Flocabulary uses hip-hop to draw youth in and make learning fun and entertaining. With this app, kids will have access to over 900 educational videos that are paired with catchy hip-hop lyrics.

These age-appropriate lyrics lay out interesting data on whichever topic is chosen. Straight and to the point, there is not a lot of fluff in the content provided. Just facts and tons of information. Every video also comes with a glossary to help broaden the understanding of the information being learned. There are also printed lyrics so one can follow along, as well as a challenge. In each challenge, you will be asked questions relative to what is being learned in the video. You can earn points for each question that is correctly answered.

I really love how this app creates a positive slant on hip-hop and uses the music to make such a huge foundation of knowledge that children and teens can immerse themselves in. In just this one app, you can learn about historical figures, holidays, current issues in the news, health, wellness, math, geography and more. I would definitely recommend this app to students who are looking for an enjoyable and fun way to learn about life and scholastic subjects.

*Free to download with a one week trial, then $1.99 a month.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


  • Explore more than 900+ educational lessons & videos
  • Build vocabulary by researching key terms with the Glossary activity
  • Watch a video and complete the Challenge activity, where you match definitions to the correct word
  • Rap along with the videos by viewing the Lyrics activity
  • Kid-friendly interface
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