GoNoodle is home to hundreds of interactive videos that make screen time fun, active, engaging, and educational. The app boasts an audience of 14 million kids and is also used by many teachers and schools. There are hundreds of videos to choose from. They all do an amazing job of really capturing the attention of children and encouraging them to use their bodies and minds to follow along.

Kids (or teachers, parents, etc.) can choose videos from the following categories: dance, sports, exercise, how-to, yoga, stretching, deep breathing, and mindfulness. The videos vary in length, but they all have a common purpose of involving the user. So, if a dancing video is selected, children will mimic the dancer’s moves to some of their favorite songs. How-to videos present different projects in a step-by-step fashion. The mindfulness videos are my favorite. They are really effective at promoting self-reflection in a way that younger children could understand.

I love that this program is used in classrooms. I think it is a brilliant way to break up the school day, even if it is only for 4 minutes of dancing or just two minutes of some quiet inward thinking. I have seen it engage a room full of antsy 7-8-year-olds, and anything that extroverts and excites kids that age is a win in my book!

Available for download through iTunes, Amazon App Store, and Google Play. Also available for use via web site browsers on MAC or PC.



  • Kid-safe and easy to use
  • Quality content developed by a team of seasoned designers, educators, child development specialists and researchers
  • New videos released weekly
  • Use anywhere with a 3g or wifi connection
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