It is all-too-easy to get overwhelmed and even confused by the difficulty and non-uniform patterns of the English language. Thanks to new-age technology and amazing app creations, simple solutions are at the tips of our fingers. Grammar Fix is a perfect example of that.

The app helps you understand (and avoid) some of the most common grammatical errors. With explanations on each common mistake, and a 6 question quiz on each (for a total of 60 questions), the app left me feeling very confident of my understanding.  It also left me sure of my ability to differentiate between words that are easily confused with one another.

A specific example from the app is the mistake of confusing the word “lose” with “loose.” Each word is defined, with example sentences and little tricks and tips to remember how to use each of them. Once the questions for each quiz have been successfully answered, you will unlock a “sheet of tips.” This sheet provides helpful reminders and suggestions for improving your writing and speaking.

I really like this app, and I think it is a beneficial supplementary tool to help teach and improve essential grammar skills.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  (Only tested on an iPhone.)


  • Ten categories of commonly misunderstood words.
  • Quizzes to ensure understanding is achieved.
  • Sheet of tips to enhance and improve speaking and writing skills.
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