Bugs and Numbers is a fun game that covers many areas of math, teaching basic skill sets such as counting and matching to some more complex concepts like fractions. Upon opening this app, the crisp and realistic graphics and animation immediately piqued my interest. The bugs are the stars of the show here and you, as the player, must count them to help them safely get across a stream and into their egg cartons. In other levels, you will be called to match numbers and shapes at the bug hotel, which also doubles as an old, dirty refrigerator. I love the creative and unique scenarios for each level of play. It inspired me to play more, so I could see what else was in store!

Most of the activities in this app are self-leveling, meaning you continue to play until you “die.” In most cases, this means you are unable to complete the tasks before the time runs out. Otherwise, you continue to accumulate points and can earn bugs for your bug house. I am very impressed by how many math concepts are taught in this app, in a fun, engaging and even humorous way. It is well worth the $2.99 price tag and I definitely see it as a useful tool for practicing math.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Also available on Android.


• Designed for ages 3-6 for the first 12 activities and 5+ for stage 3
• Visual instructions for each activity
• Most activities are self-leveling
• Multi-user profiles
• 36 achievements
• Original, detailed, and visually intriguing graphics
• Each of the 18 activities has its own beautiful, and engaging music
• Humorous interactions and sound effects
• NO In-Apps / NO third party advertising
• Parental Gate

Download Bugs and Numbers

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