* Parents’ Choice Recommended Award winner (spring 2017)


Ginkgo Dino is a brilliant educational app that provides a fun and compelling experience for the player. Its in-app interactive encyclopedia delivers just enough information to teach, without going over a child’s head, all while providing a game-like experience.

Upon opening the app, Ginkgo introduces herself and invites the player to fly with her to the prehistoric forest. She takes the player back in time, introducing them to several dinosaurs, marine, and flying reptiles, for a fun and educational adventure.

On the homepage there are two options to choose:

Play: With this option, use your finger you guide “Ginkgo” throughout a 3-D forest to discover prehistoric animals, learn interesting facts about them, as well as some fun interaction. Circle back multiple times for additional tidbits about each. Don’t forget to check in the trees as well!

Read and Listen: This option takes you to a screen where you can choose from 10 different prehistoric animals to learn about. You are then taken to a page which gives you written information about your selection, including who discovered it and the meaning of its name. A map shows where remains have been found. Several additional pages reveal more information, as well as hands-on experience such as digging up bones and reassembling skeletal structure.

Ginkgo Dino is a fascinating and enjoyable way to learn about some of the early life on our planet. I am very impressed by the information and the way it is delivered.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • 2 complete parts: the game part with Gingko’s journey of discovery, and the interactive science encyclopedia
  • 10 characters: Vera the Oviraptor, Donna the Troodon, Zato the Rapetosaurus, Nyam the Velociraptor, Bataar the Tarbosaurus, Min the Nemicolopterus (a flying reptile), Anna the Ankylosaurus, Nut the Protoceratops, a family of Shuvuuias, and Liz the Elasmosaurus (a marine reptile)
  • Introduction to the world of the dinosaurs through the educational adventure. Fly through the woods and get acquainted with each character
  • An encyclopedia that is written and edited by scientists
  • Author illustrations
  • Funny animations that immerse the child in the atmosphere of the prehistoric world
  • Professional translation, scientific editing
  • Unearth fossils (careful, they are fragile, you can work only with a brush!)
  • Build skeletons (we picked the most accurate reconstruction of prehistoric animals)
  • Fully narrated scientific texts – choose if you want to read or to listen
  • Easy, intuitive operation
  • No in-app purchases or third-party advertising. So you and your child are free to discover without interruptions!


Download Ginkgo Dino: Dinosaurs World Game for Children

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