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Who doesn’t adore the Hungry Caterpillar book?! This classic story and its famous adorable caterpillar have found a new way to bring fun and learning to children. Perfectly suited for preschool-aged children, this app uses beautiful animation and age-appropriate games to spark interest and create a desire to learn.

Children will become experts at matching shapes in the simple yet thought-provoking puzzles. Fine motor skills will be exercised throughout the many different games offered, but especially in the art category. Tiny fingers are given a palette of many colors to scribble and color with on a variety of outlined objects, shapes, animals, letters and numbers.

Numbers and letters are also introduced in this app. In the letters section, the sounds of each letter are taught and used in many different words, so a good understanding is developed. In the numbers section, simple counting tactics are shown, and young learners will be able to learn and identify numbers. In each of these sections, a child will have the chance to trace either the number or letter being learned.

The interactive aspect of this app makes it fun and engaging, and little ones will watch in wonderment as the caterpillar comes to life in certain parts of the game. I am sure they will also be delighted by the fun songs that help reinforce their knowledge on what they’ve learned. I recommend giving this app a try with the free download. You can use it for a week before having to purchase a subscription.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


  • Shapes & Colors
  • ABC’s
  • 123 Section
  • Art Section
  • Jigsaws
  • Songs and Videos


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