Shape Builder is a very educational and entertaining application that encourages cognitive thinking and fine motor skills.

The app provides a silhouette of an object which is cut up into jigsaw pieces. These are then matched to the silhouette, revealing the image and its name, along with great sound effects. The puzzles are comprised of 5 to 10 pieces to create different animals, musical instruments, numbers, letters, and objects, with 173 in all!

As the final image is revealed the player hears the name of the object, spoken by a professional speech therapist. The app encourages cognitive thinking and fine motor skills.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app is primarily for 3 to 5-year-olds.


  • Total of 173 puzzles
  • 30 Music instruments with sound effects
  • 21 Fruits & Vegetables
  • 45 Animals – awesome sound effects!
  • 26 Letters – speech therapist sounds out each letter in a fun way
  • 20 Numbers – one through twenty!
  • 31 other fun items like Firetruck, Police Officer, Garbage Truck, and Volcano
Download ShapeBuilder Preschool Puzzles

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