“How it Works” is an educational app that teaches facts about our planet simply and understandably. There are six categories covered: volcanos, earthquakes, the water cycle, energies, plants, and the Earth. Within each category, basic facts are included and learned by clicking on a label.

 Along with learning fun facts, there are different activities for each category. You may be called to solve a jigsaw puzzle or drag a label to its appropriate image. My favorite part of the app is the fact that each subject covered comes with a science experiment that you can perform at home. By tapping the icon with the glass flask, you will gain access to a fun project that helps to further your understanding of the topics covered. It lists all the materials needed and step by step instructions to complete the project.

This app isn’t filled to the brim with information, but the simplicity of it along with the concisely formulated information is enough to pique interest and teach important facts about how our world works.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


• Big images to understand the context
• Animations to comprehend the functioning of the phenomena
• Easy to do experiments
• Simple and clear explanations
• Fun games to reinforce the learning
• Locutions to facilitate the comprehension of the non-readers

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