Bedtime is a great opportunity to explore books and stories with little ones. This app is a great resource for that. 240+ stories are available within this app; many of them recognizable and loved by all! All of the stories come with two options: “read by myself” and “read for me.” The first option is great for practicing and improving reading skills. The “read for me” option is also great, as it highlights the words as they are read. I think this really helps with being able to recognize and match a written word to its spoken version.

The stories are nice and short and have fun, interactive animation. When you tap on the pages, characters come to life and provide fun little surprises to keep kids engaged and entertained. The layout of the app makes it very easy to use, and stories are categorized in a way that makes it simple and intuitive to choose what you want to read.

Achievement awards are earned after completing different milestones! So, once you finish all the books in one category, you receive an award. Or, once you read five books, you earn one, etc. I think this adds a little fun and encouragement to young readers.
The app is free to try; however, after two weeks, a subscription of $19.99/year is required.

Available for download through iTunes, Amazon Appstore, and Google Play. (Only tested on an iPhone.)



  • Every word is highlighted on the screen to help young learners read easily. 
  • Completely interactive animations to engage your child.
  • Cute animated characters to make your kids giggle with joy!
  • Achievements board filled with rewards, which motivates kids to read more!
  • Recommended storybook suggestions based on kids’ interests.
  • Simple and easy to use app! Ideal for children under the age of 5.
  • Four stories are free to read. Remaining stories are available via subscription.
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