Masha and the Bear is an adorable educational app that is based on the lovable characters from the popular show. Recognizable characters is a huge draw, as it does a great job of getting children interested and engaged.

In this app, there are six different categories of games. They are painting and coloring, word searches, object memorization, puzzles, music and instruments, and simple numbers and operations. Within these categories are several different games to choose from. Only a couple are available with the free trial, but with a small fee, the rest can be unlocked.

The games are very intuitive and do not require instruction. The fact that they are not timed lends a comfortable, relaxed environment to learn while playing. Whether the object of the game you choose is to replicate a sound pattern on drums, finish a pattern of numbers, or complete a puzzle, this app does a great job of making learning simple (yet crucial) skills entertaining. Forget about learning by rote. Masha and her friends make it unique by flying a helicopter through number clouds to find an answer, creating puzzles with cute animals, and much more.

I would recommend purchasing the full version of this app if little ones are going to be using it on their own. There are ads in the free version, which could complicate its use.

Available for download through iTunes and Google Play. (Only tested on an iPhone.)



  • Paint and color: the most fun drawings to paint with colors.
  • Word Search: learn words in different languages
  • Memorize objects and silhouettes: They will help improve visual perception and memory.
  • Solve puzzles: with pieces of different sizes and shapes.
  • Music and instruments: play the xylophone, the piano, or the drums.
  • Simple numbers and operations: learn the numbers from 1 to 10.
Download Masha and the Bear

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