MathTango is such a fun app that really broke barriers with its fun approach to learning. This game is played by progressing through over 20 math levels and reviews, as well as 24 missions. Upon completion of each mission, you will earn a fun, lively monster. The mission tasks include purchasing supplies to add to your unique monster village, finding treasure chests and completing other items off the to-do list. Watch as your monsters explore their village. The more missions you complete, the more fun it is to watch the monsters in action. They will warm themselves by the bonfire, use the outhouse and leave with toilet paper stuck to their foot, take a ride on the wave runner and so much more.

The levels in this game are separate from the missions. They contain math puzzles that must be solved in order to continue moving up. The lower levels start with simpler addition problems, such as finding which two numbers equal the sum of the given number. Once you start progressing, they become more complex. You will need to find which three (or more) numbers equal the given sum. The numbers get higher and to find the combination of numbers that are correct takes a little more thought. Subtraction is also introduced into the levels as you advance. Each level builds on each other, and the app does a great job of providing plenty of review to ensure the lower levels are understood before moving on. Aside from the glory of becoming a math master with each level passed, you will also earn a monster dance party. Your monsters will really come to life as they line the dance floor and boogie down with their fun dance moves.

I loved playing this game and creating my unique monster village. The fact that this app isn’t strictly math and breaks it up a bit by providing other fun tasks to complete makes it so I was compelled to continue playing. I feel this is a great factor for young children who may become overwhelmed or bored by simply just solving equations.

Note: There is very minimal play with the free download. To expand your monster village and advance in levels, an in-app purchase is required. I purchased the complete pack for $11.99, which is what I would recommend to experience the full benefits of the game.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


  • Free to try with two purchasing options to continue play.
  • 200+ addition and subtraction puzzles that cover 20+ math levels and reviews.
  • Math lessons that include adding single digit numbers, adding doubles, adding near doubles, making 10 to add 9, adding 10s, and various subtraction lessons too.
  • Gameplay that is structured around 24 missions that must be completed to earn monsters.
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