Memo-Game takes the classic childhood game Memory and puts it in the palm of your hand, for use at any time. This game is just as most of us surely remember. A deck of cards lies face down on the screen, and the object is to turn over two matching ones. The app is designed for two-person play; however, it is easy enough to play with one person, essentially just taking each turn rather than switching to another player.

A very cool feature of Memo-Game is the ability to record your voice. You can record a name or sound to match each image. This is a great way to foster the recognition of the relationship between objects and their spoken names.
The varying themes help to develop an ability to categorize objects and could very well help with cognitive development amongst those who have special needs or young children.

The free version of this app comes with two playing boards (24 cards each). For $4.99, you can unlock the other ten boards.

Available for download through iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.


  • Voice recorder
  • 12 different themes
  • The ability for two-person play
Download Memo Game

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