Mental Math Cards is a great way to practice your arithmetic skills. Questions are formulated in different categories and are provided in different styles of quizzing. You can either tap the “practice” button and go through a series of questions or tap the “timed” button to see how many questions you can complete in the given two minutes. With options of easy, medium or hard, it makes it easy to tailor to anyone’s needs and abilities.

The categories covered in this app are addition, multiplication, subtraction, division and mixed operations. As you progress and your skills improve, more advanced problems will become available. For me, it was best to start at the easy level of each category, then move on to the medium and hard ones. The easier levels typically had problems using single digit numbers or lower numbers and would progressively get harder.

As you rack up points upon completion of the various levels, you can see where you stack up against others on the leaderboard. You can also check your achievements and see how many points you have earned and what lessons need to be completed to earn even more.

The app also has a “tips” section within each category. When this button is tapped, you will be briefed on what that section is about, so you know what to expect. Then, you can read on to learn tips and suggestions on how to efficiently solve the problems to come.

This is a fun app that allows you to feel like you are advancing in a game all while perfecting your basic math skills.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


  • Addition problems.
  • Subtraction problems.
  • Mixed operations problems.
  • Division problems.
  • Subtraction problems.
  • Test your skills against the rest of the world.
  • Option to share your accomplishments with friends.
  • 1 by 1 digit problems, 2 by 1 digit problems, 2 by 2 digit problems, 3 by 3 digit problems.
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