This app is a great tool for those who are on the autism spectrum or anyone else who may have difficulty understanding their emotions. The app itself is pretty basic but gives such a wide range of emotions that someone can identify with.

Mood Meter is an app that was designed to help people gauge their feelings throughout the day. The first screen of the app is a square made of many colorful circles. Each quadrant represents a different overall feeling, with each colored dot naming more specific emotions. You can tap each dot to see what emotion it represents. Once you find the word for the emotion you have, you tap it and are brought to the next screen. On the next screen, you describe why you feel the way you do. After finishing that, you may choose whether you want to shift to another quadrant (a different type of emotion) or remain where you are at. If you choose to shift, there are many different strategies provided in order to help you do so. You can choose from reading inspirational quotes, relevant to the emotion you want to shift to. You can also choose from the “more strategies” category, which usually consists of suggested things to actually DO to help shift your mood. My favorite choice, though, is to look through the beautiful images provided.

All of your emotions are recorded and categorized into a report you can view at any time. The report just shows you what percentage of the time you are in each quadrant of emotions. If you want to be reminded to use the app to take self-inventory about how you’re feeling, there is the option to set an alarm.

I believe this app is helpful because it can really help make the connection between what someone is feeling and what can be done to effectively make a shift if needed. I also love that it has so many emotions listed, it can really expand one’s emotional vocabulary and give them more options to connect with.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.



  • Check-in regularly with your feelings: use reminders to check-in throughout the day
  • Expand your emotional vocabulary: discover the nuances in your feelings
  • Learn what causes you to feel the way you: notice patterns in your feelings over time
  • Learn effective strategies to help you regulate your feelings: enhance the way you manage your life each day


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