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With music being a universal language, apps like Mussila make it easier for people to find their part in that web and contribute to the connection. The app is designed to teach novice instrument players the fundamentals of playing, but it also has more advanced qualities that make it perfect for experienced players.

The app is composed of different sections, and they build on one another. You can immediately start learning the piano with simple replication exercises. As your confidence grows and you are ready to explore more, you can challenge yourself with skill-building games meant to improve your knowledge and execution. Throughout the games, you will earn in-app currency that can be used to dress your characters and more!

Fun characters lead you through the lessons and help you identify rhythms and melodies and teach you different instruments and what sounds they make. You will also inevitably learn to read sheet music with playback exercises that signify which notes to play.

Now, let’s say you have no interest in learning an instrument. This app is STILL for you. Learning music, following rhythm, calculating timing, and more are all related to mathematical skills that will translate into many more things in life and school.

This app offers a free trial. However, a subscription is required after a week.

Available for download through iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore. (Only tested on an iPhone.)


  • Over 20 music courses
  • 1,000 musical challenges
  • New Courses every month
  • Educational cards with facts about music
  • Fun music games
  • Parent progress reports
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