* Best Autism App from Autism Parenting Magazine
* Global Finalist Award by Berkeley Global Social Venture Competition

Otismo is an app that was created to provide those with developmental disabilities an educational opportunity. The principles of ABA (applied behavior analysis) are used throughout the app to help those with special needs gain fundamental educational skills.

Upon opening the app, a series of questions are asked to help identify any developmental issues. A personalized curriculum is then created based on the analysis of your answers. This tailor-made approach makes it so your child will learn at precisely the level they are at while taking into consideration their specific needs.

Once your child is ready to go, there are many games and lessons. The subjects covered include words, alphabet, numbers, emotions, colors, animals, vehicles, drawing, choosing, ordering, and sounds. At the end of each level, positive reinforcement is shown with handclaps or balloons. For those who have speech issues, there is an option for AAC, which is Alternative and Augmentative Communication. This feature is an essential tool to help nonverbal people communicate better.

The settings section in Otismo is restricted to adults and gives access to particular setting preferences. Here, you can manage the level of difficulty, music, hint duration, and more. You also have access to your child’s progress, the amount of time spent on the app, which games were played, and much more.

I can tell that a lot of time and attention went into creating this personalized app, and I think it is an excellent option for parents who have children with special needs. The app is free for limited access, but I encourage the subscription to access to all of its amazing features (listed below).

Available for download through iTunes and Google Play. (Only tested on an iPhone.)


  • Access to all 50+ educational games
  • Two new games every month
  • Personalized special education
  •  In-depth insights to track the progress
  • Daily and weekly report cards about the played games
  •  Cross-platform support up-to three devices
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