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In my search for book-type apps, I came across Serial Reader, and I am so happy that I did! This app is nothing short of perfection, evidenced by the many 5 star reviews it boasts.

Serial Reader is a book app that is home to over 600 books, with new titles regularly added. The idea behind this app is to provide books to readers in “bite-sized” portions, making reading more approachable to many. The books are unabridged but delivered in increments (or, as the app calls them- issues) based on your time preference. This method helps to encourage daily reading, especially as there is a notification when your next issue is available to read (there are settings to control this, however). Under settings, you can choose the time of day that you would like to receive your new issue delivery.

For the avid reader (or anyone who wants to read further than the current issue), there is always an option to access all of the issues at once. They are still broken down into smaller portions, but you can read ahead at any time you’d like.
With many features, such as text highlighting, font size, color and style preference and more, this app is incredibly well thought out and pays such great attention to small details that make it a breeze to use and navigate.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Also available on Android. (Only tested on iPhone.)


• Hundreds of popular classic books
• Customize with a variety of themes and fonts
• Sync your progress to Goodreads
• Easily lookup words in the dictionary & Wikipedia
• Earn fun badges and track your reading streaks
• Sync your reading across multiple devices
• Save quotes & notes
• Skip ahead to future issues
• Save books to read later
• Pause issue delivery of new issues
• Custom alternate app icons
• Dark mode

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