* Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner


This award-winning app is all about addition and subtraction puzzles that help to develop “number sense,” mathematical problem solving, and critical thinking skills.

The player is provided with three stacks of “numbers,” each of which needs to add up to a specific amount. The player is required to move amounts between the stacks so that each stack has the appropriate number/amount shown below it. The stacks are made up of different objects, such as dice, coins, fractions, and even Hindi Numbers, just to name a few. There are are a total of 25 choices.

I can tell you that after playing this game for a bit, in several different languages and math skills, that it does get you thinking and problem-solving! It is quite challenging, even in the easy mode. But, it didn’t take me long to start “thinking with” the different languages and symbols provided in the game. So yes, math solving and a whole lot more!


SOLVE MODE: Strategically solve five random sets in the fewest number of moves. Receive a smiley face for each puzzle solved.

INFINITY MODE: Allows the user to play as long as they wish.

RACE MODE: Rack up as many points as you can solving puzzles before time runs out. The timer is represented by a tab of paper that works its way around the edge of the screen.

EASY MODE: All three target sums are shown.

HARD MODE: To make things a little bit harder, one of the target sums is left as an unknown.

There is a LOT packed into this little app, and the design and interface are stellar!

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


  • Drag the values to match the sums
  • Use the following options: dice, fingers, hole tiles, ten frames, tally marks (English & Spanish)
  • Or, numerals in Arabic Roman, Chinese, Gurmukhi, Hebrew, Hindi, Binary, Braille, English and Spanish
  • And last, but not least, Polygons, US coins, US dollars, area fractions, bar fractions and at random. Shew!
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