* Winner of a Parents’ Choice Approved Award, and many more!

From the original book written by Karen Robbins’, with illustrations by Alexandra Ball, Care for Our World teaches children about some of the life on our planet and the responsibility of taking care of them. The book is written in a gentle, poetic form, professional narration accompanied by beautiful graphics. It includes creative play, interactive pages, and other learning experiences.

From the Home Page, there are options to choose from:

Read – This is where the storybook is. Each page is read with highlighted words, which include interactive elements such as touching the animals to hear them and see them react; everything on the page brings up its written word and is voiced. The reader is given the choice of auto-play or self-turning pages.

Color – The Color option provides different pictures to be filled in with color. These can be saved to the Art Gallery for later view.

Create – This choice gives you background scenes to add animals and save them to your gallery.

Learn – Here you are taken to the Animal Encyclopedia, where there are 16 different animals that you can view pictures of, hear their sound and read information about. The text is not read out loud.

Gallery – There is a direct link to view saved pictures in the gallery.

Settings Include:

  • Audio Options – Music on/off, Narration, sounds (like tweeting birds), and words sounded out.
  • Play – toggle on/off animals to see & hear them react.
  • Touch – text on/off, on animals and scenery for learning words.
  • Set autoplay on/off to automatically turn pages.

Compatible with iPad. Recommended for ages 3-8. English language only.


  • Listen to the animated story, with narration, music, and sounds.
  • Touch characters to see and hear them react, and practice their words.
  • Color select pages from the book.
  • Create custom habitats with select animals and backgrounds.
  • Save images of your creations to the Gallery.
  • Learn more with facts, sounds, and photos in the Animal Encyclopedia.