* Reached No. 1 in Books on the App Store!
* Winner of Cynopsis Kids Imagination Award – Best Preschool App! 
* Winner of Cybils Award—first Book App award winner! 

This delightfully entertaining app is based on the classic Sesame Street story: “The Monster at the End of This Book.” Narrated by the one and only furry, loveable Grover, the book brings the old-time favorite to life.

Grover is terrified of the monster that awaits him at the end of the book. Every page, he is begging his readers not to turn to the next one. He goes through great measures that the reader will have to defeat to see what comes next. That may mean tapping the screen to release the ropes he tied around the pages or tapping the pile of bricks, so they crumble to the floor.

Along with the narration, the story is highlighted in its written form. So, not only is it an entertaining app, but it helps beginning readers as well. Children will be so intrigued to keep reading so they can find out for themselves why Grover is so afraid. They may even be surprised to learn that the monster is actually Grover himself!

Available for download through iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore. (Only tested on an iPhone.)


  •  Lively, interactive animation that responds to your child’s touch
  • Narration by lovable old Grover himself—tapping Grover makes him talk!
  • Engaging activities that empower readers to decide how and when to move the story forward—plus encourage kids’ spatial development and listening skills
  • Word highlighting to help build beginning reader skills
  • Easy-to-follow parent tips for helping kids tackle common fears and label emotions
  • Bookplate personalization—add your child’s name
Download The Monster at the End of This Book

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