Say “goodbye” to boring word games and “hello” to a fun and exciting way to bolster your vocabulary range. Words With Friends 2 is an entertaining app that allows you to interact with other people while competing to earn the most points by creating words with your given letters.

This game closely resembles the popular all-time favorite board game Scrabble. You and your competitor will take turns positioning your lettered tiles on your game board, spelling words in a fashion similar to a crossword puzzle. Each letter is worth a certain amount of points. Your score for that word is determined by those points as well as any special spaces on the board that may increase a word’s point value.

Many different game modes are offered with this app. “Create a Game” mode allows you to challenge your social media friends and family. You can also use the Smart Match option to find another opponent who matches your skill level or train in the Solo Challenge, which allows you to play against characters in the game. The solo challenges are great for testing and improving your vocabulary and word skills. With continued play and an increased skill level, the games will become harder to beat. The Lightning Round is team mode gameplay. You will be put on a team of up to five players and will compete in a match to score the most points to win.

This game was enjoyable and forced me to think outside the box to create words with only a handful of provided letters. It is a great way to pass the time and requires sharp thinking skills. Because this game has the ability to pair you with people you don’t know (as well as a chat option), I recommend this for older kids, teenagers or adults.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.



  • Solo Challenge: Test yourself against themed ladders of increasingly difficult WordMasters!
  • Answer 12 word-focused trivia questions correctly for your chance to win real cash and other rewards.
  • Even if you answer incorrectly, you can still keep playing to earn in-game rewards and improve your word knowledge.
  • Test your linguistic smarts and train your brain every day!
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